Easy French-Girl Uniforms You’ll Love Wearing at Work

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Easy French-Girl Uniforms You’ll Love Wearing at Work

We certainly don’t need to sit and explain to you that French-girl style is the inspiration behind many of our go-to looks. We cover their effortless outfit ideas literally every week. While we certainly turn to this cool crowd to inform our off-duty vibes, we also look to them for work outfit ideas for casual office settings. Because really, nobody masters the whole polished, no-fuss feel more than Parisian women—and those same ensembles are ideal for that 9-to-5 life. To get a sense of the uniforms we’re into now, keep scrolling to check out five easy French-girl outfits worth remembering when you’re getting ready for work.

While French girls often go for neutral palettes, they’re not afraid of color either. Try a bold suit paired with unexpected, equally statement-making accessories to really stand out.

You just can’t really beat the French way to do style. That je ne sais quoi is essentially what sartorial dreams are made. So we not-so-secretly try to emulate that pared-back vibe whenever we can. To do so, we often turn to our favorite Parisian style setters to get a sense of the simple yet polished outfit formulas in their rotations.

After a recent Instagram rabbit hole, we realized that there’s actually one specific way French girls are styling their jeans right now—always with a blazer. Honestly, makes sense. A blazer adds instant sophistication to any outfit, which inherently feels so French. To get a sense of what we mean, we’re highlighting five perfect blazer-and-jeans ensembles below from IG. Fair warning: You may make this Parisian look your new go-to uniform. We’re right there with you.

The French truly are in a league of their own when it comes to style, perfectly nailing the sophisticated yet pared-back vibe we’re all secretly trying to emulate. So it should come to no surprise that we often start with their shopping habits as an entry point in obtaining their je ne sais quoi .