Roll Up to 2019 in These New Shoes—and Win

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Roll Up to 2019 in These New Shoes—and Win

If you think about the pieces in your closet that are true outfit makers, chances are a selection of your shoes would nab the top spots. Because really, you can wear pretty much anything—even a simple sweater and jeans—and that perfect pair of statement heels or booties will instantly bring the entire vibe to the next level. So why wouldn’t you want more of these types of shoes in your arsenal? Exactly.

To help you determine which trends are worth considering as you fill out your footwear offering this year, we’re showcasing the top styles to invest in right here. Keep scrolling to find your new dream pair of mules, boots, or sneakers, and get ready to win 2019.

While every piece in an outfit holds its own weight, there’s one item that often pushes through as the true workhorse: The shoes. Because really, no perfect ensemble is complete without a beautiful pair of heels, boots, or flats. To that, we actually tend to build ensembles—especially office looks—around our footwear choices since shoes are often one of the first items coworkers actually notice in a ‘fit.

As we started planning our go-to work ensembles for 2019, it became clear that there are actually five key shoe silhouettes that will be the front-runners in our arsenals. Keep scrolling to check out the styles that will ground our looks this year—and take your 9-to-5 wardrobe to new heights (sometimes literally).

While knee-high boots may feel more appropriate for going out than going to work, they actually feel quite sophisticated paired with a longer skirt and chunky knit.